Greek Private Yacht Charter

Choose which of our yachts is more suitable for your needs (ANATOLIE, KAPETAN KOSMAS or SYROLANA), then see below prices and conditions.
Or if you wish to hire by cabin(s) in shared yacht, then follow this link

We sail in 3 superb archipelagos: the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands and the Sporades. For your comfort, in July and August we avoid Cyclades which can be very windy during these months.

2024 Prices


*Rental – Weekly price with insurance and VAT

**Expenses – Operating costs including : Harbor and marina fees, basic salary of 3 or 4 crew members, AND fuel expenses paid by the owner (not bad surprise in the end of the trip !)

*** TotalAll yacht expenses and VAT included, (except: boarding contribution for half-board & open-bar, crew tips)


Period/Your YachtRental*
VAT incl.
for a week
May or October in the Cyclades – ANATOLIE – 21m 9/12 passengers10,200+ 4,80015,000 VAT incl.
May or October in the Cyclades – KAPETAN KOSMAS – 27m – 10/12 passengers16,800+ 5,70022,500 VAT incl.
May or October in the Cyclades – SYROLANA – 27m – 12/16 passengers17,800+ 5,70023,500 VAT incl.
Mid-season June or September – Cyclades or Evia Secret Greece – ANATOLIE – 21m 9/12 passengers12,200+ 4,80017,000 VAT incl.
June or September Cyclades / Evia Secret Greece  – KAPETAN KOSMAS – 27m – 10/12 pax18,300+ 5,70024,000 VAT incl.
June or September Cyclades / 7 Wonders  – SYROLANA – 27m – 12/16 pax19,300+ 5,70025,000 VAT incl.
Departures July 1st, 8th, 15th and August 19th – ANATOLIE 21m, Sporades islands (“Mamma Mia”)13,700+ 4,80018,500 VAT incl.
Departures July 1st, 8th, 15th and August 26th – Kapetan-Kosmas Sporades – 27m – 10/12 pax19,800+ 5,70025,500 VAT incl.
Departures July 1st, 8th, 15th and August 26th – Syrolana Ionian islands – 27m – 12/16 pax20,800+ 5,70026,500 VAT incl.
Departures from July 22nd to August 19th included – ANATOLIE 21m, Sporades islands15,200+ 4,80020,000 VAT incl.
Departures from July 22nd to August 19th included – KAPETAN KOSMAS Sporades – 27m – 10/12 pax21,300+ 5,70027,000 VAT incl.
Departures from July 22nd to August 19th included – SYROLANA Ionian islands – 27m – 12/16 pax22,300+ 5,70028,000 VAT incl.

To compare prices, check that you are told a price with yacht expenses and VAT included (as we do) which is rarely the case in Greece and can lead to an additional cost of 30 or 40%.

These prices are with departure and arrival at our base port. For the Cyclades: Mykonos or Syros or “one way” from or to Athens/Aegina or Athens/Marmari.

For the Ionians or Sporades in July and August, we take care of the transfer from Athens airport to the yacht if necessary. In the event of a “one-way” cruise with an empty return, or a different port of departure, the costs of empty transfers are calculated as a flat rate on the basis of 50 Euro per nautical mile, but the boat must be able to return to its base port on Friday evening.

If you wish to include Santorini in your itinerary (at the extreme south of the Cyclades), provide an additional fee of 750 Euro.