Evia, Secret Greece

A coast remained genuine ...

Greece “as before” … a refreshing journey.

Evia is the second largest island in Greece after Crete. In antiquity, Aristeus son of Apollo, passed to have taught the men the art of raising flocks, bees and to do olive oil, still very famous products on the island!180 kilometers long, Evia owns 900 km of coastline, which gives an idea of the number of its bays and coves. Far from tourist paths, there are few foreigners, few boats and … good food at low prices.

1st September departure is made of Oreous, in the North of the island, with transfer from Athens Airport (RV at 4:30 pm) this is the reverse route from the one described below. The departure of June 30th is from Marmaris, small harbor
in the South of the island, easily accessible from Athens Airport : Just go to Rafina, port near the airport, and ferries connect Marmaris in an hour. Boarding is on Saturday evening at 7 pm for the welcome drink, but you can leave your luggage on the boat earlier if needed and, as we leave the next morning,you can also arrive later if your constraints
of airplane require (inform us then and beware : the last Ferry is at 7PM). At the end of the cruise on Saturday 7th July, we will take you back to Athens airport before 1pm (transfer back this time).

The church of Marmaris is not of architectural interest, but its naïve agiographies deserve to be seen. We leave on Sunday morning to anchor between the islands of Petalonisia (a few villas with private harbor). Breakfast on board and morning swimming before starting our way up the island.

The rhythm of most of our days: sailing for a few hours, in the shade or tanning sunbeds
(the most valorous can participate in the maneuvers or let a fishing line), then stop in a creek to enjoy the sea so transparent in Greece (fins and masks, paddle available).

After a hearty meal on board based on fresh products and olive oil, refreshed by the breeze and a natural drink from the local vines, we set sail to approach in the afternoon a new port, and for this evening it is Almiropotamos, quiet village with some taverns and fishing boats…

The next day, on the way to Chalkida, as usual we enjoy at noon a beautiful cove …

… before passing under the bridge linking the island of Evia to the mainland.

Powerful ancient city, Chalkis founded some thirty cities as far as Sicily and Southern Italy. In 480 BC it participated in the battle of Salamina against the Persians by sending 80 ships. Aristotle died there in 322 BC. Venetian domination come after the 4th crusade: to go up to the castle, vestige of this time, allows to have view and see the famous opening bridge that we will have to cross at night when the current, which
can reach 9 knots, reverses. It is the city of Greece that offers the largest variety of seafood …

The next day we set off again along the steep coast of Evia island, with here an isolated monastery hanging in mountain flan. Beautiful coves allow you to admire this wild landscape by taking advantage of the sea.

Here we are at the end of the afternoon in Limni, whose past specialty was the production of pine resin. A village that has not evolved much for decades, which is refreshing.
Besides the kafenion “To Neo (the new) since 1979” welcomes us as before …

No doubt, seeing the style of this guy, the pope, the grandmother who says hello … we are not on the Riviera!

Our next stop, the small village of Agios Georgios, has also remained very authentic. It must be said that this part of the island is difficult to reach by car. Here, the fishing boats welcome us.

And also Stella, in her tavern by the sea. It sometimes happens to meet escaped tourists of the nearby Club Med, the only important tourist structure of the whole region.

It is time to pass the Thermopylae where Leonidas and his 300 Spartans resisted the Persian army,
then to engage in the Strait of Artemission where 270 Greek ships blocked the 1200 Persian boats
come to supply their army. After the death of Leonidas, the Greek fleet retreated towards Salamina, where place the decisive battle. In fact of Persians, we cross the colored war flags of 2 peaceful fishermen.

Another beautiful cove before crossing the strait to approach the extreme point of the Pelion, the small port of Agia-Kiriaki, its traditional shipyard and its perched village: Trikeri.
A beautiful stroll to do, great views, to finish by refreshing in the village «Kafeneion».

Oreous, our last stop wait us… In addition to the marble bull of the Hellenistic period, we will appreciate the best fresh grilled sardines throughout Greece, as well as squids …:

A cruise in Greece, but above all an authentic journey …